Tutorial: The other wonders of eyeshadow

Yeap, you’re probably making a funny face right now – maybe even checking to make sure that you are, indeed, in a craftsy crochet blog and not a make-up tutorial. Don’t worry, you are!21291764_10210392133260019_1505122587_n

Eye-shadow and blushes make your eyes and cheeks pretty, but they can also make amigurumi pretty too! In fact, a lot of amigurumi artists use pastels to give their amigurumi dimension by lightly brushing color onto the yarn. They even add accents to give the amigurumi a more aesthetically pleasing look and raise their cuteness levels to over 9,000! Some even dry brush paint color lightly with acrylics.

Me? I use eye-shadow because pastel colors come out a little too dull for my tastes.

Heck, you don’t necessarily have to use eye-shadow to blush out your amigurumi. You can also brush paint their hair to psychedelic colors! I first used white yarn and brushed it out to the level of fluffiness I wanted with a cat brush – using an angled eye-shadow brush – tapped the excess and got to work on making this little bon bon bear fabulous! And the end result was so awesome!

Turq the Rebel Bear was born!


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Isn’t he adorable?! I even added shadow accents and used pastel sealant on his mane and other accented parts to seal in the color because it will fade overtime if you don’t. You can hair spray to see if that works even better just remember to cover the eyes first when you do with duct tape. Personally, I used the sealant and the bright hair got a little tacky in texture and kept its style so I don’t mind. But if you do want it nice and soft go for the hair spray!  If you do try it (or don’t) and want to share your artsy endeavors, I would love to see in the comments below!

Happy Crafting! Till Next time!

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