Project 05: Togepi

🎶I want to be the very best like no one ever was, and crochet them all! 🎶 Ahem. Today’s project was Togepi! He was the egg that never hatched and had the luxury life of being babied and carried around by Misty in so many of the original episodes. I watched it with my younger brother… Read More Project 05: Togepi


Project 04: Yoshi

I told you I love Mario, right? If not, well, now you know. So what other project to tackle than Ami Amours free Yoshi Pattern! 
Seriously, I never had so much fun creating my own Yoshi! 

Isn’t he adorable hiding in my yarn? This one I made with worsted weight yarn in white, blue, red,… Read More Project 04: Yoshi


Project 03: Pokeball

As you all know – or will, shortly, I guess – I grew up with video games, but I also grew up with anime! So I grew up with Pokémon! I wasn’t really a fan of the series, honestly, but in order to watch my favorite cartoons on Saturday mornings, I had to sit and… Read More Project 03: Pokeball


Update Day

Just an update post letting you lovely crafters know that every Friday there will be a lovely project every afternoon or a tutorial as an intermission. =) I am still editing previous articles and writing up new ones. This post is just to let you know that slowly and steadily I am working! I really… Read More Update Day


Tutorial: The other wonders of eyeshadow

Yeap, you’re probably making a funny face right now – maybe even checking to make sure that you are, indeed, in a craftsy crochet blog and not a make-up tutorial. Don’t worry, you are! Eye-shadow and blushes make your eyes and cheeks pretty, but they can also make amigurumi pretty too! In fact, a lot… Read More Tutorial: The other wonders of eyeshadow


Project 01: Bon Bon Bears

My first project was a fun one!! They were cute adorable Bon Bon Bears designed by All about Ami! I adore her patterns they are always concise and easy to read. They also have clear pictures to follow through making the patterns easy and not so intimidating. I read this pattern so many times before… Read More Project 01: Bon Bon Bears