Project 05: Togepi

🎶want to be the very best like no one ever was, and crochet them all! 🎶


Today’s project was Togepi! He was the egg that never hatched and had the luxury life of being babied and carried around by Misty in so many of the original episodes. I watched it with my younger brother hoping to know what the heck the walking egg evolved into

Needless to say a few generations ago, he turned into Togetic.

I found myself missing the waddling egg. So I made my very own with MummyandAnnie’s mini pattern, a 2.0 mm hook, 5 mm half eyes, tapestry needle, worsted weight acrylic yarn in white and cornmeal, as well as some embroidery thread in blue and red. 

It’s in Spanish but I am sure you could figure it out by the number of stitches for each round! And since it gives permission to post it on blogs I can attach it.
And this is my version on the side. I changed the egg edges by doing a series of double crochets, half double crochet stitches and slip stitches in random places to mimic a broken egg shell. 

I also used some black embroidery floss to make the markings and light blue eye shadow – I talked about eyeshadow before, remember The Other Wonders of Eyeshadow – for some shading accents and pink for blush. I will no doubt make another. This Togepi became part of an art drop and was adopted into a new home where he will no doubt go on other adventures! 

This little guy is also very easy to make! A wonderfully quick and easy pattern that would be perfect for kids with attention deficit disorders or they are just plain impatient. So have a go at this cutesy delight and make your own!!

Please don’t forget to share them with me! Happy Hooking!

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