Project 04: Yoshi

I told you I love Mario, right? If not, well, now you know. So what other project to tackle than Ami Amours free Yoshi Pattern! 
Seriously, I never had so much fun creating my own Yoshi! 

Isn’t he adorable hiding in my yarn? This one I made with worsted weight yarn in white, blue, red, pumpkin, 5 mm half eyes, and a 2.00 mm hook. I had to be very careful not to snag it on my hook so he took around three days with my slow crocheting skills – I really wish I was faster, but you gotta start somewhere. 

Mine didn’t turn out as chubby and cutesy as Ami’s (I think I crochet with too much tension) but still just as adorable and small! Crocheting the legs were a bit of trouble since you crochet from the inner loops for his legs and his outer loops for the boots.

I would suggest using two different stitch markers to keep your rows from confusing you and start crocheting the leg first instead of the outer part of the boot. 

It took me hours to figure that one out. But the end result made me fall in love with this little Yoshi! I am determined to make more in different colors!

Ami did such a great job on designing him! 

He even stands up on his own! I added a bit of cardboard to the inside of the shoe and glued the bottom with yellow felt to keep him balanced! Just some ideas in case you want him to stand up on his own. 
So go forth create your own Yoshi! Till next time!!

Unless, of course, you have any Mario crafts (or not) to share in the comments below! Happy Hooking!

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