Project 03: Pokeball

As you all know – or will, shortly, I guess – I grew up with video games, but I also grew up with anime! So I grew up with Pokémon! I wasn’t really a fan of the series, honestly, but in order to watch my favorite cartoons on Saturday mornings, I had to sit and watch because my younger brother adored those Pocket Monsters.

Seriously, I still have the 151 Pokémon jingle and my brother always on singing along to it engrained into my brain. With the show came the video games, of course, and the card game that now my own brat is obsessed with on the DS. I became a fan and a Pokémon master by beating the earlier games. Mostly because my brother and I were competitive the whole time, damn it!


So today’s pattern is also a little nostalgic. It is Nicole’s Nerdy Knots Pokeball pattern! 

Another easy pattern worked in the round. I mostly followed the instructions but the only difference is that I decided to make them a tiny bit smaller with thread and hook gauge. I used crochet thread size 10 in red, black, white and a 1.65 mm hook (my favorite hook ever!) It was a really fun pattern!  It inspired me to make a pair and make Pokeball earrings! I mean look at how small they became!

 These little balls can also be the perfect size for charms or keychains! The perfect gift for that Pokémon fan as well! If you’ve made any Pokémon crafts (or not) and want to share, I would love to see in the comments below!

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