Project 02: Mario Head Ornament

Project number two is a little dear pattern from artistic gaming. It made me remember a time in my infancy which I waited impatiently for my turn to play the Nintendo. No other game came close to the sweet memories Mario Bros / Duck Hunt incited when I was a kid. My siblings and I would always have a blast taking turns to beat levels, finding out secrets and short cuts. It was no surprise that my inner child squealed in glee at the pattern I found.

It was a nice trip through my gaming induced childhood. My mom was the type who bought video games as a way to entertain us at home so we wouldn’t fall prey to the malice of the world outside our abode. Video games for us became something of a fun past time to play with my siblings and cousins.

After all, I am an avid gamer and the pattern was quite simple to follow. I used red heart worsted weight acrylic yarn in coffee, cornmeal, cherry red, white, a 2.25 mm hook, poly fiber fill stuffing (just one bag can make many), and a tapestry needle to stitch him all together.

This Mario Head Ornament pattern is also one I would really recommend for a beginner crocheter. It’s easy to follow and not so tedious when it comes to sewing all the parts together. In fact, that was the easiest part!

Also this pattern is perfect for boys to learn crochet with because really let’s be honest boys can also learn a post apocalyptic skill in case zombies attack. Crocheting is a really good way to have children develop their motor skills regardless of gender.

This pattern has you make Mario’s mustache but I was going for the baby Mario look. So I opted for no mustache which is just as adorable from my favorite Super Nintendo game Yoshi Island!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my small journey! Just 98 more to go. If you do crochet this one let me know in the comments below with pictures or Instagram! I would love to see them!!

Ps: Expect more nerdy patterns in the future!

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