Project 01: Bon Bon Bears

My first project was a fun one!! They were cute adorable Bon Bon Bears designed by All about Ami! I adore her patterns they are always concise and easy to read. They also have clear pictures to follow through making the patterns easy and not so intimidating. I read this pattern so many times before trying. I became tempted to try them each time but I didn’t have the supplies so I put it off. I didn’t have the yarn specified or the hook. But the pattern sweetly coaxed with those deep shiny eyes and cutesy head shaped bears that were adorably small and sweet. I couldn’t hold temptation any longer and just went for it! Regardless of how it would turn out because I didn’t have the supplies to make it look like the picture. I became a little adventurous with the pattern though. My very first amigurumi I did with a smaller hook than intended and thinner string. I used 1.65 mm hook and ten string (insane I know).

Imagine my unbelievable surprise when it turned out so cute and adorable!!! By just following instructions of the pattern regardless of the yarn and hook. Strawberry was born! Just a little over an inch with 5mm eyes and just a smidge of felt. 😍 I couldn’t help but fall in love with the small hook. It was like discovering a magic rod! I became inspired in using lace string to actually do more amigurumi at a smaller scale and make charms for key chains!

A whole new world opened. And well, I wanted to try it again since my first one was so much fun! However, I wanted to try with a bigger hook. An experiment was born! Especially when I bought yarn at a clearance and the colors were so exquisite I couldn’t help but try with them! This time with Peaches and Creme medium yarn and a 2.25 mm hook

I do admit that this second bear was a little harder to make since it was with a much smaller hook the medium cotton string called for. The cotton yarn tightened considerably and made decreasing a little harder on the hands. There were times when I feared I would break the yarn because of the tension and most of the time I was trying to loosen the stitches up some. But the result was just as satisfying!

Sea-foam rose from the frothy stringy sea armed with his enchanted crochet hook to battle the forces of evil in the name of justice, peace and chocolate! Okay, well not really! But patience pulled through and slow crocheting so the hook wouldn’t snag on the yarn.

Lesson learned: As long as you follow the pattern regardless of hook or string it will still turn out as intended with. If you pick thick yarn and a bigger hook it going to give you big amigurumi, small hook and thinner string smaller amigurumi. What I would do different? Maybe with the medium yarn try to go one hook size bigger than 2.25 mm. I think it would have worked out and there would have been less snagging on the yarn to the point where it separated.  This project was so much fun and addictive!! If you are starting out in amigurumi I would recommend this pattern for beginners in the craft. It isn’t an intimidating pattern. The only part you have to sew together is the head and ears!

I can’t wait to try another!!

Stay tune for next time!!

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